Field Hockey & Leadership Academy is a camp where players will develop field hockey skills while learning how to become more effective leaders and what it means to be a great teammate.


To develop their field hockey skills


To learn what it means to be a great teammate


To learn how to become a more effective leader


To join activities that will allow your child to relax and enjoy the setting.

Why Leadership Matters

At camp, we will help campers learn about being part of something – a team or cause – bigger than themselves. The camp will combine outstanding field hockey instruction with off-field activities and workshops designed to promote teamwork and teach leadership skills. At the end of camp, we want all campers to not only be better field hockey players, but also recognize how as leaders they can be more valuable to their team, their school, and their community.

– Christine Kemp, Executive Director Head Coach, Wesleyan University

We promise to deliver the best there is in field hockey training, one-on-one coaching with a collection of inspirational coaches to guide you on a journey to grow lifetime leadership traits in the locker room and beyond.

Age and Ability Grouping

We have created a balanced environment of competitive scrimmages and drills where you are encouraged to use the character skills you’ve learned in the classroom. Whether you are navigating trust exercises, demystifying offensive corners or enjoying a swim in the lake – our academy is for you!

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